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Catalunya Technologies

People “dress” to impress, we “web-design” businesses to success

What we can do for you

Web Design

We build awesome website that  that drive your business to reaching it’s full potential, be it a custom new website solution or maintaining  your existing website, we are here for you.

Digital Marketing

Outsmart the competition with best-in-class digital marketing services Get more traffic. Acquire more customers. Sell more stuff.

Mobile Apps

Our team of app developers and designers plan the optimum requirements to carry out the individual processes., we test several functionalities to see which one suits best. This helps our clients to receive their desired app without having to compromise on their vision. 


We’ve already helped hundreds of online businesses reach their full potential in today’s increasingly crowded and fiercely competitive ecommerce marketplace. Why not help your business get more sales online?

SEO Strategy

Dominate online search and put your revenue growth on steroids, rank higher on Google, convert more visitors into customers 

Web Security

It is our job to protect your business, information and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Mitigate your risk and exposure to data breaches. Our IT Support & IT Services can help you manage your organization’s information and data.

Our Works

Our Sample Works

Shoe Shelf Kenya

Shoe Shelf is a luxury premier brand in Kenya that sells online through an E-commerce platform that we created for  built for them.60% of their sales come through their online precise that we have been managing since 2019.

Our Sample Works

Corner Home General

Based in Dubai, this  middle east company specializes in  maintenance  of buildings and homes. We built their website  with their customers in mind, this has seen them receive more leads and  visitors on their website which has lead to conversion into sales

Our Sample Works

Little World Safaris is international tours and travel company. We were able to design a website that enabled them to take bookings from clients abroad purely online through their website.


We focus on helping  businesses of all sizes from solo entrepreneurs to large enterprises discover their full potential. No matter the size of your budget we can  always work out something together