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Your guide to getting affordable websites services in Nairobi

Are you looking for an affordable website for your business or yourself. Here is a very simple guide to accessing affordable websites services. We are a reliable web Design Company in Nairobi, offering dependable web design services. We ensure all our websites are mobile friendly, fast loading SSL secured & 100% functional.

Going through the process of having your first web design project for your business can be painstaking and frustrating proposition without having conducted a proper research on the company that you will outsource.
This could have long-lasting ramifications. Throughout our business in web development, we have seen (or heard about) the good, the bad, and the ugly. What l can assure you based on our long experience is that the value of an experienced professional cannot be understated.

Below are most crucial factors that you need to look into when choosing a web development company/agency:

Have a clear thought of the type of website that you need

Some of the factors that you should put into thought are: what constitutes a website and it’s functionalities ? Are you planning on selling shoes? Well it’s likely you are going to need a capable e-commerce platform and our techish friend may not be professionally suited for such a project. The company that you plan to hire should hold vast experience in coming up with e-commerce websites that help businesses to scale. Am sure you as a small business owner the primary objective of having a website is to build trust ,inform and convert visitors into sales/leads, right?
There may be myriads of web development companies but only a handful can accomplish this task

There are several variables to consider in such a scenario given above, this may be looking into what type of CMS that can be used and the type of appropriate hosting environment that should serve your website to its best performance.

Determine your chemistry

When you decide to settle on a certain web development company, you are building a long term relationship if you are happy with the services offered. Get to know who you are hiring, what’s their reputation, how do they talk to you and most importantly do they listen to you?
While their quality of work and efficacy is surely of importance ,find out whether you like them and if it’s fun working with them. What type of energy are they giving you so that you dont get stuck working with somebody that you don’t like for the long run.

What is the level of support that you may need

You are more likely to need help in managing your website such as updating certain pages,post,adding new features etc.With excellent support,you should have be able to avoid a frustrating proposition.Find out their level of ongoing support ,duration, all the necessary charge that may come up with it ,if any and who you are going to be dealing with whenever you encounter a problem or have a request to make.
Recently a confiderate of mine in my circle, was so ecstatic on social media on having a new website.Upon sharing the link to the site on his social media wall,the link lead to a plain page wich just had his Logo and nothing else.Epic Fail

It’s clear his web developer did not pay attention to important factors such as lack of proper title for the site’s page and this surely heart his google ranking. A web design company that knows it’s craft understand the importance of collaborating with your business in ensuring important details such as search engine optimization are taken care of and you are putting your best foot forward.

Cost of building the website

Factor in all the costs associated with coming up with the website and they should be understood before the commencement of the project transparency on both sides is key in such a situation, this will help in shunning any future conflicts that may arise due to cost related disagreements.


Every web development company in Nairobi charges something for hosting, though this varies based on several factors such as speed, uptime, disk space etc. On this occasion, you get what you pay for. Think of it like a machine, if you want a super fast machine then you will have to fork out quite a sum of money, the same goes for hosting the faster the speed the more the cost.

The final Word

In conclusion there is no one size fits all or definitive guide for web development and every company operates with differing business models and cultures put in place. But with a little research and guidance, you can mitigate some of the cost of building (and rebuilding) your website.

Catalunya Technologies

Our custom web design solutions are built around your individual needs, and focused on your specific messaging, functionality, and inbound lead generation needs in mind. Our state of the art knowledge and continuous research and development efforts always take advantage of the newest technologies, insuring your project will be cross platform compatible, mobile ready, and easy to use.

Over 7 years experience and numerous projects on our backs , we have continually improved our process for understanding your business, defining your goals, performing a competitive analysis, translating your message to a compelling website, and integrating calls to action. This one-of-a-kind approach and unparalleled level of experience leads to the creation of new business and measurable marketing results.

Do you want a custom website that gets results for your company?

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